Working Toward a Vision

There’s good news and bad news. I am still so committed to the pictures that the kids from Namibia and Zambia took… and I also feel strongly about my own images, but how to get them out to the public? I created a book of photographs with just the Children of Zion kids’ pictures, but these standard photo books are too pricey to allow for a donation on top of it. I’d like to do an exhibit but the cost is simply prohibitive at this time for me as an individual. So, now what? I have the raw materials and the vision for something that could be wonderful, but not the means to implement it.

This one I lay at God’s throne. May His Grace give me wisdom for birthing this project in a more tangible way.

1. Create photograpy books of the children’s work… sell as a fundraiser for the children’s home
2. Create individual prints of the best shots and sell as fundraisers online for individual photographers in the children’s homes or organizations
3. Create an exhibit of photos of both the kids’ shots and my own shots
4. Get not for profit status for Children of Heaven to allow for donations directly into the organization
5. Partner with other photographers and artists committed to raising funds for children around the world in crisis
6. Build a body of work of children (and by children) who are in crisis
7. Build a traveling exhibit of their works to tell their stories
8. Create a robust online presence to tell their stories, show their work, support their needs, build relationships
9. Partner with other nonprofit and faith-based organizations serving orphans around the world
10. Giving and nurturing the arts in these children as a way of expressing their truths, their hopes, their lives

Will you join me in this vision? Please pray for the children. Please pray for the children of heaven.


~ by Irm Brown on March 21, 2008.

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