Last Night in Africa

Well, it’s our last night in Africa. That’s hard to believe. The time has flown by and each day has brought so many new experiences. From the heartache of poverty at the Green Compound (the closest village to the Schwartz’s current rental) to the joy of the children playacting during our drama class at the Okada School of Nyirenda Village, I am overwhelmed by the Zambian spirit.

I am so grateful that my photography classes gave me access to the young people who are in the Conservation Farming Program … in a very short time, I was able to build a relationship with these fine students who will in two years, if all goes well, be launched into new careers as farmers. It was great to be able to seem them on the property and call out to Sarah, Brian, Joseph, Harriet, Grace, Lameck, Peter, Ignatius, Irene, and Alice.

I also enjoyed my downtime at the farm market, laughing and joking with the guards and two managers, Mwape and Maureen. Today, Mwape taught me many new Nyanga phrases… the most important one being (phonetically), “salan pun, te zaka oh nana,” which means, “goodbye til we meet again.” This is my prayer that we will be able to return and make a difference at this Village of Hope.. and perhaps, at the next one. Yes, it’s in Benedict’s heart and vision (and at the request of other organizations) to start another “self-sustaining” village that rescues orphans, but also lays a groundwork for their future as adults. Maybe not tomorrow, or even next year, but in God’s time. Everything I have seen and heard and touched here has been touched by God… one miracle after another, whether great or small, reveals His grace. (It’s one reason I trust the water will come as well.)

Today, there are 5 boys (Adam, Brighton, Isaac, John, & Moses) and already one of the girls, Maggie, living at the first cottage. These are children from heaven, touched by God.


~ by Irm Brown on November 16, 2007.

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