Drama at the Okada School

Today, we went from one meeting to the next… 7 am staff devotion, 8 am senior staff, and a 10 am photography class with Rose (the housemother), the Kamaus, Christine, and Littea. This was a shortened class as they will be primarily responsible for “documenting” progress here at the village.

At 2 pm, we went back to the Odaka School to teach a creative dramatics class with the 5th and 6th graders. Oh, that sounded ok… 30-35 students make up those two grades. By 2:15 or so, there were only 15 students and I thought, great, this is a perfect size for a class. But, we were still waiting for the young student teachers who would be translating for me since most of the students don’t speak English. So, to “kill some time,” Kathleen offered to sing some of the Bible School songs they sang this summer. Well, once the singing started… the kids started pouring in. Yep… pouring is the right word. Within 15 minutes, we had over 80 and maybe more kids in the room. It was pretty wild in there. So, I did a little quick thinking and used as many kids as I could in “guess who” and where and other story theatre type activities. It was pretty good. The kids laughed quite a bit and enjoyed watching their friends “acting.” We then did two Bible stories, the parable of the sower and the parable of the landowner and the vineyard. I was pretty bushed by the time we finished at 4 pm.

The weather has been holding… with rain only every 2 days, but everyone promised that it would definitely rain today, the 15th of November. This morning, I wouldn’t have believed it… but sure enough, we’ve had thunder and lightning for the last hour or so and I’m sure, rain is right behind.

We were disappointed by the well bore… only 1 litre per second. We are hoping that, as some have said, that the well might produce more after the rainy season… please pray. This is the 4th attempt (at $5000 each) that has been made to get a well that will produce 5 litres/second …which is what is needed for irrigation. Water is Life. This is what is desperately needed.

Today, also, a couple of reporters came from the Zambian Press… we are hoping the final article will be a help as well, since this newspaper is distributed through Zambia.

Tomorrow (Friday), Pat Tuttle will be representing All Kids Can Learn at the White House … many foundations will be there and other organizations that support orphans and adoption around the world. Please pray that this will bring much fruit. The needs are great here. The potential is beyond words.


~ by Irm Brown on November 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Drama at the Okada School”

  1. Wow–80 children! Quite a bit more than the expected 35. As usual, you rose to the occasion, Irmgarde. I am praying for the success of the well and the meeting at the White House today.

    I look forward to your return and hopefully a presentation.

    Love & Prayers,


  2. Thanks for your faithfulness.

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