Cameras in Flight

Well, about 2/3 of the cameras are on their way to Africa slipped, one by one, into the luggage of the 2nd team who left today … [The first team left two weeks ago (and they were 21 hours on a plane because of glitch with the plane…) … but they are there now.] The second team took 16 cameras and 4 chargers. Kathy S. has made arrangements through the travel agency (for missionaries) to allow us a 3rd bag. This is really good news so we can carry the rest of the equipment. But it’s a lot, 9 more cameras, 2 viewers, the chargers, the card readers, plus I need some 220 converters. (The viewers & chargers & cards were sold to us a cost!) Amazing!

But we must pray for the safety of the equipment … it’s for the kids! It will be such a huge disappointment for them if they are stolen! One group had their luggage turned inside out and several things taken last summer.

They say the weather is hot, hot, hot! So, I’m really thinking what to take that is light, easy, and modest. The village people really prefer the women to wear long skirts…

We also heard that the Elephant Valley folks will be able to get us to Livingstone in time for the small plane flight … so that’s only 1.5 hours versus 7 hours in a bus! hurrah!


~ by Irm Brown on October 17, 2007.

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