Great News on the Cameras!

Oh what a wonderful God we serve! A camera company that has asked to remain anonymous is donating all the cameras I need for the project… 25 small 1.5 megapixel cameras. I had asked if we could publicize the donation and they said they would prefer to remain anomymous. What an amazing couple of weeks. The cameras have already arrived along with several supporting things such as batteries and battery chargers and even a couple of viewers. I am humbled and so grateful and feel a real confirmation that this is the right project for the kids over there. Now, let’s just pray we can get everything over there!

We have our itinerary set for almost everything except for our connection from Livingstone to Lusaka on the 10th… could use some prayer there. We were hoping to take a small “plane” – like a puddle-jumper – but only one goes just after lunch and we won’t make that one in time…. the bus ride is almost 7 hours! … so that means we would have to spend the night in Livingstone again and then leave Sunday morning… just not sure what is best here.


~ by Irm Brown on October 15, 2007.

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