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Today, I realized that time is getting short and I must begin the process of looking for cameras … for me as well as for the children. If anyone has any suggestions, please do contact me or drop a comment here. For me, I am stepping up, I know, to a DSLR, but for the children, it should be inexpensive and yet, have a really easy way to recharge… I also want to include a viewer. Help!

We are all set on this end for most of the time away. My brother, Zig, will come for most of the time and then for the few days on the front end, the kids will stay with family friends. I am so grateful for this support.

I realized, today, as well, that my prayer time for this journey has not been as focused as I need it to be. So, I am making some adjustments there. God is calling me into something with more depth. Last night, at church, they sang a song about the “secret place” and I realized how much I long to return to that place. That is my spiritual core. That is where the seeds of my plans and hopes and dreams for the next few weeks need to be planted. Only there will they be truly cultivated.


~ by Irm Brown on September 17, 2007.

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