Thanks be to God

Oh, how grateful we are to our friends and family. We have enough now to purchase our tickets and so we are ready to make our itinerary tonight or tomorrow. We are looking at departure around the same time as the Mt. Zion team departing for Namibia around the 17th of October.

Although I was unable to raise any “corporate” funds for cameras, we did raise enough that I think I can 3-4 cameras for both Children of Zion and Villages of Hope. I’m not sure, but I’m thinking that some kind of electronic “viewer” would also be great for them to have. One of the things the kids really like is “viewing” the pictures of themselves. And although I hope for the final pictures to be “mashed up” on the web, I would like them to have a “lo-tech” way of seeing the pics as well. Please pray that there is enough for two viewers … and that I can find a type that will work in those countries … batteries? I haven’t even looked for the right equipment yet. Lots to do… lots to do.

If you have any suggestions for equipment, please comment here.

News from Villages of Hope is good… they expect to have their first group of children arrive this month… our friends Rick & Judy just got back as well Drew & Brenda (and their kids) and the reports were heart wrenching but encouraging. Children of Zion reports are great… the middle school girls just had a competition in “praise dance” and did very well.


~ by Irm Brown on August 28, 2007.

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