Asking for help

This weekend we sent out our letters asking for support. We were a bit overwhelmed as we faced the reality of our upcoming expenses. It’s the first time we’ve ever asked our friends and family to support us in this way and it feels a little awkward. I’m hoping the letters will be received in the spirit they were written. I know if people will pray for our efforts and for the children that things will work out. But this is definitely new territory for both of us.

Next week, I will be looking into the process of asking for corporate help. After speaking with Lisa and working on our plans for the Namibia part of the trip, she shared her desire for a photography project with the COZ kids. While we talked, I envisioned getting 25 donated digital cameras and then creating photo collages on the web using the kids’ work. I think it will be fabulous! I’m thinking I can do something similar with the Villages of Hope kids as well. But, we will need cameras! (Even the cheapest of these cameras are in the $75-125 range.) Please pray for this project in particular. Mike would also like to take a second digital video camera for the kids to do footage that he would add into the documentaries he is creating.


~ by Irm Brown on July 8, 2007.

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